School a word which is too small,
But stands for the life of students as a wall.
I don’t remember I cried or smiled on my first day at school,
But have tried to make people remember me as a cool.
All mischiefs and mess I created in my primary days,
I won’t forget them in my sorrow ways.
I was nothing but a seed,
But teachers have made me a wild breed (Lion)
This is the place where I stood in queue,
And made myself to stand out of the queue to prove myself true.

These fast forward days are hard to compete with,
But these days have taught me that only competition around is me.
Summer passed, winters arrived and shoulders strive,
But coming to school is the same path drive.
Every semester exam is like a hammer on the brain,
But only GODS (teachers) know who can handle this strain.
This is that sacred place where I have experienced my thoughts changing,

With the years changing and so people experienced me changing.
These days will never come back,
Though teachers always know, I am on the right track
I can’t express my inner feeling,
And there is no secret for revealing.

By - Bhupinder Singh